Potty Training Little Man

I started Potty Training Little Man when he started Preschool. He started in my room at the daycare center I worked at when my Mom and Dad bought a business. Mom went to work there and Little Man came to me. It was a struggle but for once I was able to be with Little Man all day ❤ So I decided I would introduce Little Man to potty training after 2 weeks in preschool I bought him a potty for home and I bought underwear! The first day I put him in underwear he peed 3-5 times in 1 hour!! Oh don’t get too excited not 1 of those were in the potty! So I held off on the underwear and just took to sitting him on the potty every time I took off his diaper and sitting him right after he woke from nap (that is the best time! If they are dry when they wake from nap that shows readiness) He finally started going pee on the potty and I put him in underwear he took a very long time to go #2 on the potty consistently it was hit and miss. At home we didn’t have a schedule so he would refuse to leave whatever he was playing with to stop and pee. Mommy had a creative Mommy moment and got out the pez dispenser I would put one pez in a pez dispenser and tell him let’s go potty and you can have the pez so I would let him hold it and he would go potty then he could have the pez if he tried to go and couldn’t I would still give him the pez. This was a gradual process it didn’t happen overnight and I still used pullups at home sometimes and while we were out because he had Not learned to communicate that he needed to go he would just go. He still had accidents at school when he didn’t want to stop playing especially outside! No one way is wrong or right for potty training except punishment and discouragement. I try to make everything a positive Yay! Your sitting on the potty! Yay good job pulling up your pants! Yay you flushed! Again I say this can be a long process whether your child is High Functioning or not they can take a week or 2 years just let your child guide you. If they can stay dry for a certain amount of time when your at home in the morning let them wear underwear for that amount of time. If you are out and they tell you they need to go potty, Book it to the closest restroom!!! Little Mans first “I need to go” Moment was in the Mall! You can imagine my excitement and irritation. Getting Little Man to go #2 in the potty was very challenging he would go sometimes but not others I didn’t get it! One day while sitting with him in the bathroom I knew he needed to go so I was trying to help him but he really didn’t understand what he needed to “Push” so it came to me I told him “Ok Little Man Fart!” And Little Man Laughed! I said it again the next thing I know he went #2! I was a proud Mommy! He still had a few #2 accidents mainly when we weren’t at home so always have wipes and extra underwear and pants on you and a few plastic bags would be handy. Bed wetting is also different story. My son loved having a water cup and I refused to take it away so I bought goodnights for him till he was 5 1/2 around that time he was dry every night so I did take away the cup and the diapers but let him have cups of water an hour before bed so I moved up his thirsty time and if I knew he was still awake a half hour after I sent him to bed I would tell him to go potty again. 3 words to remember Patience, Understanding, and Encouragement. Good Luck!


One thought on “Potty Training Little Man

  1. Wow! My son has mastered weeing but pooping is a different story. He’s petrified of pooing without a nappy, he can’t bare to see it. So much so that he holds it in for days and becomes seriously constipated! But I really want him to learn that it’s ok. And I’m thinking the ‘fart’ technique really might help me. So as from tomorrow I’m going to put that I place. Thank u

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