Little Man’s App Review: The Electric Companie’s Feel Electric

I forgot I downloaded this app until I saw Little Man playing it today and he seemed very entertained and engrossed. So later I played around with the app. I Love this app! What is even better is that this app is FREE!! It is all about feelings! The Section for My Life has 3 different subsections one is Mood Dude and you can change his face and color and arms to match a mood, your child can play Mood Tales it is like a fun game of Madlibs and your child will hear their story read to them when they are done choosing the silly words. I like how the stories are read with the correct feelings that they are trying to convey. On Moodosphere your child can choose 3 different Moods for how they are feeling that day, Little Man chose Affraid (he is afraid of Monsters), Happy, and Annoyed. Under the Section My Games there are 3 games that help your child learn and recognize facial expressions and matching them. The games are called Pets vs Monsters, Prankster Madness, Hey You Guys…….Catch! Then there is a section called My Stuff with 3 subsections My Pictures (it comes with preloaded pictures and your child or you can add your own) My Music (it has preloaded music and more space for you to add some), and My Videos (also comes preloaded with space for more videos). Also there is a section called What’s the Word where your child will see facial expressions and their meanings and it give you the description of that mood. Your child also earns point by playing games and learning words so it feels like they are reaching a goal the more they do. This app teaches what a lot of the costly apps teach for FREE and its fun! But some of the other apps I have purchased he won’t play!


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