#youmightbeanautismparentif You are so thankful that although you are not at your best your Autistic child decides to cooperate

I have been in awful pain since Sunday night I had to call into work on Monday because I couldn’t even walk.  All week Big Daddy has had to help get Little Man dressed in the mornings and I have done my best to make his lunches still and get his breakfast ready but have left all else to Big Daddy. Big Daddy has also pitched in and helped with dinner. Little Man has been a whiz at doing his homework although we have had a few fits and complaining about having to do homework there has been no meltdowns!!! Woohoo!!!  Little Man also hasn’t minded being in the car with Big Daddy for long periods of time while I was in the doctors office and again he sat in the car with his cousin while I went into see my brother in law the Chiropractor. This feels like a miracle for me to be layed up and not able to move around like normal Little Man is actually functioning with very little help. This makes me happy  he has even been mostly dressing himself for the past 2 weeks even before I hurt myself. Lets hope that even after I go back to normal he will still be able to dress and do homework on his own. I am so thankful to my little family they have really picked up my slack and for that I am grateful.


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