Little Man’s app Review- “Reading Pal” $.99

I purchased this app around Christmas because I knew Little Man needed help with sight words and spelling. I really wasn’t sure if this app was the best out there but really it was only .99 cents. Today was the 1st day I tested this app and it went well. I added all the words from Little Man’s spelling list on his homework and it had me record a sound byte of my voice saying each word so it makes flash cards of the words with a voice saying the word! I love it!!! Then I had Little Man take his spelling test and it said each word and he typed out the words and pushed next on the keyboard when he was done. It would tell him at the top of the screen if he spelled the word wrong or right. Little Man only missed one word because he forgot to add the k at the end of a word! And in my home that is really a big deal!! I love this app and Little Man enjoyed it as well even though it was a dreaded “Learning app” I am going to be adding his spelling words every week now for him to practice and hopefully his spelling and reading will improve considerably by the end of the year.


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