Little Mans App Review: Lobster Diver- Free App- Math

I Downloaded Lobster Diver about a week ago and Little Man has played it a handful of times. He seems to enjoy it. The games gives you a number line and only the beginning and end of the line has #s to give your child a reference to go by. The diver gives you a number to find on the line and your child needs to count the lines to find the right # to dive for lobsters. Then your child taps the line and the Diver will dive then you need to tap the basket till a lobster pops out and the diver will swim back to the boat and the diver will give you a new #. In this game you also have to beat the time clock and Watch Out for eels! I like that this game also works on Minus numbers! The only con would be that this games isn’t as busy and catch their attention as other apps.


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