IEP Meeting

So the meeting went well……Better than I expected anyways. Little Man has improved since the beginning of the school year so that is a big plus! They complimented me on how I try to help him with his emotional, social, and life skills. One of the team said I could probably write a book 🙂 It’s nice to get compliments. So we listened to results that each person discovered from the testing phase and set a few goals and he will have 3 different people working with him each week to help him achieve his goals. I still need to meet the 3rd person. I still haven’t met the Autism coach I believe we will be having another meeting so we can talk with her. Everyone had Great things to say about Little Man and it seemed they genuinely cared about him and that is a plus in my book! I spoke with his teacher about letting Little Man type a few pages of his homework a week if it will motivate him and she is all for it! I also want to start teaching Little Man how to type correctly on a keyboard. They didn’t give me anything specific to work with at home so I will just try and support them as much as I can. Let’s hope he works hard and meets his goals and I hope that the new changes to the spectrum won’t affect us for a few years yet.


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