Mommy Tested and kid approved app “Hungry Fish” Free App

Hungry Fish was an app Little Man loved right away although I am not sure he got the concept of the game right away.  I tried playing Hungry Fish with Little Man but I was a little confused on how to play all the sudden it wasn’t as simple as I thought it was. Well I figured out why we were both having a hard time. Little Man moved the level of the game up to a very high level and the number bubbles were popping out way faster than him or I could figure and the numbers were very high numbers so the placement level was too high for him and obviously me too LOL! So I fixed it so he can start at the beginning and learn how the game works and as he progresses  the game will place him at a higher setting automatically. So the object of the game is to feed the fish number bubbles that match the number on the fishes side and sometimes you have to add the number bubbles together to feed the fish and you have to do it in the right amount of time before your fish shrinks and disappears. The higher you advance the faster you need to feed your fish. Its a great matching and adding game and there are also options for Subtractions and Negatives. Now that I understand the concept of the game I really like it and it will help Little Man think and add faster and work out the numbers in his head better instead of relying on fingers.


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