Little Man’s App Review of “Star Teeth” It’s a FREE APP!

So I downloaded some apps this week and will be reviewing them over the next few weeks. This app is called “Star Teeth” and it was a free app! Star Teeth is to help kids learn more about oral hygiene and its main function is to be a teeth brushing timer. Your child can choose different characters to brush their teeth with when they brush and there is a clock that counts down and it plays music as well. Little Man Loved this app! He loved watching the cat brush its teeth or the super hero brush. After having Little Man use this as a brushing timer I have a pro and con list. Pro- Hygiene Awareness, It’s a timer for the correct amount of time you are suppose to brush, kid friendly and easy to use, and it makes kids want to brush. Cons- Little Man was mimicking how the character was brushing slow and mostly in the same spot, Little man couldn’t peel his eyes off the ipod to spit and ended up spitting on the corner of the ipod, I wish instead of the music it would talk your child through brushing like saying remember to get behind your teeth! Your experience may be different! Share it here!


2 thoughts on “Little Man’s App Review of “Star Teeth” It’s a FREE APP!

  1. I’m pretty sure my son would do the exact same thing! I don’t want a wet iPad but hey! Oral hygiene would be good. I’m still brushing his teeth and he has a lot of oral sensitivity so this is a big struggle. Thank you though. I’m going to try out the app.

    • I was glad it was an ipod and not an iphone! or the earpiece would have toothpaste in it! LOL thank god ipods wipe up easily đŸ™‚ Hope your little one enjoys the app as much as mine…. but has better aim LOL! I think an ipad would work better I could have propped it behind the tap and it would be big enough to see still while spitting and rinsing. Thanks for leaving a comment!

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