Little Man against the Machine

So today we are going to a restaurant with my family. I am hoping that there will be no meltdowns (fingers crossed). At the restaurant we are going to there are video games and THE CLAW MACHINE!! I dislike these games VERY MUCH! Little Man Loves to play them and my parents are happy to empty their pockets of quarters and dollars to make their grandchildren happy. They don’t realize they are feeding Little Man’s addiction/obsession. When he runs out he will just comes back and asks for more.  Sometimes the Claw Machines are his friend and sometimes they turn him into Screaming and Crying Little Man. If he is trying to get a toy or my dad is trying to get him a toy that he REALLY wants and the machine keeps dropping it and we run out of quarters……. NOT A PRETTY PICTURE! Little Man can’t handle it.  I don’t understand why its not consistent sometimes he understands when you tell him why the machine didn’t pick it up and that you don’t have more money and he will walk away fine. But other times he can’t handle it he will throw a fit and be upset for about an hour because he didn’t get the desired toy. I feel really awful because my dad has a hard time handling these outbursts just as much as Little Man. He takes it personally. He thinks he should be able to be his Grand kids hero and he doesn’t like failing so he makes it worse by going back to the machine with more money after we explained to Little Man! So once again they both get their hopes up and once again they walk back empty handed. This cycle is extremely frustrating.


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