#youmightbeanautismparentif The full story of Angry Mommy and Little Man

So Little Man was reluctant to get out of bed this morning so I grabbed his ipod (tell me not to do it!) And I turned on Prep Landing and started watching it on the bottom bunk of his room. He tried watching from the top bunk so I turned the ipod over he started screaming so I told him “If you scream again I will put the ipod away. If you want to watch it come down” his reply is “turn it over and I will come down”. I reiterate “If you want to watch it you need to make the right choice and come down.” Well Mommy had to put the ipod away…. Little man came down and I started to dress him but he pulled away and only had his shirt on. He went to the end of his bed and started to gently knock his head on the bed. At this point I was telling him he could still earn back his ipod if he made the right choices. Well Little Man sat down and realizing he wasn’t getting his way he tried a new tactic Little Man told me “Well I am going to pee right now” I was still calm at this point. I told Little Man “If you pee on my floor you Will clean it up.” He said “I am peeing!” Enter Angry Mommy ” LITTLE MAN GET IN THE BATHROOM NOW……..” Angry Mommy walks out of the room so she can calm down. After I am calm again go in and Little Man realizes it didn’t work says “I didn’t pee” I tell him get in the bathroom and he just sits…… So I shut off the light and close the door ๐Ÿ™‚ that was Eevil Mommy she knows how to get Little Man to listen when he doesn’t want to ๐Ÿ˜‰ so he comes out and runs to the bathroom. I told Little Man that Big Daddy was now going to get him dressed he did not like that! I told him “I am feeling very angry and I couldn’t help him and it was time for me to go make breakfast” So Little Man finished getting dressed and Mommy packed the lunch and made breakfast he asked for his ipod?! So I was willing to possibly give it to him if he could tell me what he learned from the events of the morning. He learned “Don’t trick Mommy” and “Don’t scream for the ipod” “Yes Little Man I am glad you learned that but you missed a few things. You need to get up and get dressed when you are supposed to. So I want you to think a little longer while Mommy gets dressed.” I really did want to let him have the ipod……


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