Mom’s Book Review – “How to Take the Grrrr Out of Anger (Laugh And Learn) “

So I decided I would do a Book Review. I love to read and if I come across a problem I always try to find books to help me so I want to share some with you as I go along. Here is my first book. I was at Barnes and Noble and I came across the kids self help section and found some books on Anger, a problem I have been having with my son for quite a while. I looked at a few and this one jumped out at me more than the rest so I bought it ( I do judge books by their covers).  So I bought the book and loved that it had small enough chapters to read one a night or a few pages a night. Little Man didn’t always like participating but I told him that he needed to participate this will help him when he is feeling angry. He grudgingly participated but he really didn’t like the exercises. I figure hey he may not like the exercises but I am bringing awareness to him about his anger and even if he chooses not to do what it says in the book he at least knows the tools and is still becoming more aware of his anger. So we finished the book and I made a big deal about it and Little Man was happy to be done. This book was a little over his head but I was able to modify it and choose what pages or topics I wanted to read or not read with him. I also was able to go more in depth with him about some of the topics and tell him what helps me. One thing I didn’t like about the book it actually feeds your child’s imagination with bad things they can do so use your own scenarios don’t read theirs. It also gives them new words to use too so write your own list.  The good this book has done for Little Man, He now says “I am feeling angry”. He no longer yells at me saying “Your Making me angry!” I was able to take the time to explain to him No one can make you angry you are responsible for your anger I can’t make you angry. I was able to go over feeling words with him. Like I said before he became better at recognizing that he was angry and is able to tell his teachers and friends when he is feeling angry so he can have some alone time. This book was worth the money!


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