Little Man Day with Big Daddy and Mommy!


Today Big Daddy and I took Little Man out and spoiled him, just because 🙂 First we stopped at Starbucks and I got Little Man a Starbucks cup that was on clearance with a color changing straw and I bought apple juice to put in it. He laughed so hard when he saw the straw change colors! I have been wanting to get Little Man’s haircut for a while so we stopped in at Great Clips and had his hair trimmed without clippers. She used the clippers once on his neck and sideburns….I guess she didn’t hear me say he doesn’t like clippers! At least he handled it well, I told him to plug his ears and lady got a clue that
he doesn’t like the clippers!  We had some Panda Express and headed over to Ross I wanted to find me some shoes but instead I found 2 pairs for Little Man and NONE for Me. One of the pairs I found for Little Man were the Autism Speaks Etnies and they were only$17.99 but they were size4  I had to buy another pair of shoes for right now so I bought him some velcro shoes for $7.99 that said jeep on them. Little Man wanted a toy  we looked at toys and I found one he loves but he wanted a different one more but I prefer to get a toy that goes with a collection he already has, this toys is hard to find, than a toy that is random.  I told Little Man if you want a toy we can get this one he said “No” so Big Daddy took him to look at more toys. They found a Transformer of course and Big Daddy bought it for him and I bought him the Tron Light Car now he has all the big vehicles for the Tron collection….I think…… Big Daddy got him a video game and I went shopping for groceries at Costco. Then we headed home. Later for dinner Little Man got his favorite sub the meatball sub!!! He had a great day with his parents we don’t usually getBig Daddy on Saturdays so it was nice.


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