#youmightbeanautismparentif The full story of Little Man having a full blown fit over a Lollipop.

So Little Man wanted ice cream on Sunday so I told him to get his piggy bank and we would see. So today we took him to the store to get ice cream. Him and Daddy picked out ice cream and a bag of frozen veggies for tonights dinner. But can you guess where the fit started? The effing checkout stand! Where they put these wonderful displays of candy that turn even NT children into screaming Gremlins. So out come my son and husband from the store and Little Man jumps in the car and starts telling me “Daddy won’t buy me a Transformers Bubblepop!!! (Bubblepop is his word for lollipop, pushpop, ringpop ect.)” Daddy got into the car really no need for explanation. All I can think is Eff!!!! We aren’t going to be getting any homkework done tonight! So I explain we didn’t have money and you didn’t go into the store for that. I let his anger escalate so he can grieve his un-boughten bubblepop. Then I pulled out the empathy “I am sorry that you didn’t get a bubblepop I can understand if you don’t feel like doing your homework when you get home but if you make that choice you won’t get wii or ice cream. But if you choose to put your anger away and do your homework you can play wii and have icecream.” After explaining to Little Man his choices I hear a grumble from the back seat “I choose to stay angry and do my homework…” “Well ok that is your choice to make.” My hope lifts. Then he becomes angry when we ask him to carry a box of pretzels that belong to him (a gift from grandma) into the house. He said his hand were full….he had 2 transformers and the box was small so I gave him a chance and he refused so we left the pretzels in the trunk. Halfway to the house he starts crying because he realized what happened. He ran back to the car and I told Daddy he needed to decide what would happen so Daddy told him he needed to apologize to me (he was talking to me like he was the adult and told me I needed to bring the pretzels in the house) then daddy took him to get the box. So we get in the house and I can tell he is just exhausted from his fits. I told him to go take a shower but he refused he wanted to play wii. Wow! He sure wasn’t giving in! So he started his homework he plowed through the 1st page then stopped 2 eat. His energy really was lacking by the time he hit the second page and by 8:30 he was still trying to finish I sent him to shower and promised him 5min of ipod time. He is ok with that. He asked for wii but I told him why I had to say no and why I am allowing 5 min of ipod. I am not even going to mention ice cream because at the moment he hasn’t even brought that up. Goodness I hope he falls asleep without remembering the ice cream…..


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