#youmightbeanautismparentif even if your child throws a fit and argues with you, you still call it a good day!

So today was the first day back on a schedule! I had Little Man in bed last night at 7pm with no arguments or complaint and he went right to sleep!! We turned his lights on at 6:00am and had him awake and getting dressed by 6:20am he actually put his transformer down and helped get himself dressed #Shocked! I did his hair he brushed his teeth then we went into the kitchen for breakfast. I made him scrambled eggs and toast and he had some baby oranges. I packed his lunch while he at and then got myself ready we were ready and out the door by 7:26am and Little Man was in a Great Mood!! We dropped him off at the daycare where I work and the bus driver took him to school. At 3pm when he arrived back from school I was with the other school age kids giving a teacher a break and Little Man ran up and hugged me he was so happy to see me! I was so glad he was still in a great mood! After work we got home and I cleaned off the place he works at for homework and put his weighted snake on him. We had a little argument, he only wanted to do 1 page of homework not 2 I told him if he wanted to play video games for 5min before bed he has to do 2 pages. Then the argument became well I don’t want to do this page I want an easy page… This argument sometimes takes more time than it would take him to do 1 page in the 1st place! Well we decided on a page and he finishes it with no help and no problem. The second page he chose he did wrong so we worked on it together. After re-doing 2 of the sentences he wanted to take a shower break but he doesn’t ask he just gets up and says. I am going to take a shower.  I have him sit back down and talk to me “I understand your frustrated and tired but you need to ask me, I’m tired can I take a shower?” so he covers his face in frustration and asks me “I’m tired can I take a shower…HUHHHH!” “Yes you may and when you are done you can finish your homework” another argument ensues I finish it with “If you want to play video games tonight you need to finish your homework!” ….. Shower done and Little Man tries to go straight to video games and I have to remind him he has homework so grudgingly he comes back to the table HUHHHHHHH!!!!!!………really! (I think)…… So he starts to do his homework and stops I tell him hurry up or no games he asks for 1o min and I told him get your homework done and you can have 20min so he finishes it and we eat dinner. Unfortunately he has a Horrible DVD Player (aka the Portable DVD Player) and he has been watching transformers the cartoon on it and he got soo involved he forgot about playing wii so he only got to play 10 min. Then he read some of his new Cars chapter book and I read “Captain Underpants and the Big, Bad Battle of the Bionic Booger Boy” part 1 then he brushed his teeth and climbed into bed 🙂 Yes it was a great day. Arguments and all! Thankfully they were only arguments and not battles!!!


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