#YouMightbeanautismparentif Your child makes noises while being adjusted and said it hurt but there were no tears.

I stayed at my sisters last night I love that we can do that. My son is happy there and it’s as if we are at home. My brother in law is a Chiropractor. He adjusted my sister and I so I asked if he would adjust Little Man. I knew this would be a little hard for Little Man because my brother (AKA Pappi) would have to touch his neck and shoulders. He is extremely sensitive to touch there (that’s why I made him a weighted snake so he can learn to stand pressure there) . I told him to lay down so Pappi could adjust him and he ran but was laughing he loves to run from Pappi. Pappi caught him and positioned him on the floor and Little Man protested but he allowed it he made noise constant nervous laugh mixed with yelps and screams when he heard popping followed by an “OW!” but he lay still and somewhat relaxed. When it was done he said “That Hurt” I told him to say “Thank you” but he said “no it hurt!” My sister and I explained to him that his bones are like a block tower and sometimes they slide out of place so Pappi has to slide them back into place. I think he understood a little more after that. So I want to have him adjusted on a regular basis and make a study of it to see if it does affect his behavior. He seemed calm afterwards he was listening fairly well. He was being helpful and I didn’t notice any typical loud obnoxious behaviors that he usually does when we are with my sister. I didn’t even have him on meds today. We did stay up late last night and he did sleep in a little but he was tired he ended up falling asleep in the car witch he will do 2 times out of 5. But lately he hasn’t been so that is what I have noticed so far. We will see if it’s different the next time he gets adjusted.


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