#youmightbeanautismparentif your child is an expert at picking out the vegetables!!!

My son Loved vegetables as a baby except peas those made him gag. So I raise him healthy and fed him healthy so as a toddler he can stop eating veggies for the next 4 years……. I thought we were making progress for the past year he has mostly been eating veggies and now for the past 2 months he has been dodging every vegetable I throw out at him. So these are my tips for getting the veggies in.

#1 Blender! I use the blender to blend fresh spinach into spaghetti sauce then my son can’t avoid eating it. I also make him a green egg sandwich for breakfast by blending spinach and eggs together and cooking it like a pancake and putting it on toast with a slice of cheese on top. He didn’t like it at first but combined with the reading of Green Eggs and Ham he came to like this. A Favorite that my son loves! Green Spaghetti you take a container of Fetta Cheese and blend it with a bunch of basil and spinach and add milk or liquid of your choice to make it blend. Have the noodles boiling as a you cook a meat of your choice I usually use chopped chicken after the sauce is blended pour it on the cooked chicken add chopped red onion and let simmer till it thickens you can even add a little flour to thicken it a little if it is too runny for you. Then serve on spaghetti noodles or a noodle of your choice. It is my families favorite meal.

#2 Mince! I will mince up vegetables and put them in wherever I can if I am making scrambled eggs I will mince up tomatoes or spinach and put them in it. (can you tell I like Spinach?) or I will mince broccoli and put it in mac and cheese then he has a hard time picking it out.

#3 Chop!! Sometimes my son will eat chopped veggies mainly in a soup such as chicken noodle soup, Homemade pizza(the picture of the above pizza I made with the same sauce recipe of Green Spaghetti), or Tomato soup.  With tomato soup I will chop up green onion and celery and put it in tomato soup and I add a good amount of pepper. My husband hates tomato soup but he LOVES my tomato soup!

#4 Chicken Pot Pie!! I mention Chicken Pot Pie because it was the first dish I made that my son ate Peas!!! and didn’t gag! It’s fairly an easy make I buy pre-made pie crusts roll them in a dish and in a separate bowl mix a bag of defrosted frozen mixed veggies add a can of cream of chicken and a can of canned chicken spice it with pepper and whatever else you like to taste pour into pie shell and bake.

Please feel free to comment and leave of your creative ideas on how to get vegetables onto your child’s plate and in their tummies 🙂


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