Not only a #youmightbeanautismparentif issue.

So my sister was telling me last night about my nieces behavior and how awful she was in the restaurant. She said something that I so totally get and I didn’t realize parents of NT children would feel this way. She said she felt like everyone was looking at her and everyone was judging her parenting skills or that my niece is a spoiled brat. I told her “Welcome to my world!!!” People judge my parenting skills all the time!!! It made me think though. I have done it before even. But how can we as people from the outside look at a parent taking care of a child and think we can do any better (unless of course it is an awful parent because they are abusing or ignoring their child) or that that child is spoiled that’s why its acting that way. My niece is NT but she is a handful! My sister does a great job with her. I really was glad for the opportunity to show here how it feels to be a parent of an autistic child.


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