Little Man App Review #2

Little Man discovered an app I put on his ipod today it is called Coaster Physics. This app only costs $.99 and my son thinks it is well worth it. I tried fiddling around on this app a couple of days ago and I consider myself computer and technology savvy but I had a hard time figuring out this app! But today when my son discovered it he built a large and detailed roller coaster in about 5 min and got it on the page to ride but wasn’t sure how to change the view so I helped him with that. They make it look like you are really riding the roller coaster but you need to make sure it is set on the right view because you can also view your ride from afar as if you are a spectator not a rider. I really like this app I got it because it shows the math and isn’t just for entertainment but is listed as educational. It is a straight up physics lesson. I asked my son if he thought it was easy or hard and he said it was easy. The same company also makes one called Air Coaster and it looks more detailed for the same price so I think I will purchase it next and I will be sure to write the review on my blog so stay tuned for the next app review!


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