Not on the same page here………

I love my husband but sometimes I just feel frustrated with him!! He is amazing he tries to help he does laundry, takes out the trash, cleans, and periodically makes dinner. What really gets on my nerves is his inability to help with Little Man in the morning. He doesn’t try to meet him half way and he doesn’t give he is authoritative and commanding and it IRRITATES ME!!!! As soon as he starts commanding Little Man around even if I am not in the same room I can feel Little Man pull inward and become defiant and that just makes my husband become more authoritative I try to mediate and then I get accused of taking away his power or whatever. He is very old fashioned. I don’t believe in authoritative parenting. I did at one time but not anymore. My husband is really having a hard time changing. He doesn’t get the term “Choose your battles” Today I told him you start a cycle of insanity when you talk to him with authority and command he withdrawls  and you get angry and you both end up irritated. I don’t like to see you both upset. I totally get it Little Man has driven me sooooo Bonkers before! Especially in the morning but I saw when I reached my limit and it happened often enough I sought change to end the cycle, not daddy he keeps beating his head against the wall and doesn’t see the need for change.  So I told him change it and if he needs to I will buy him a book. My methods also changed drastically when I found out he has autism. I shouldn’t have to be the only parent taking care of Little Man. I have spoken with him about other things and it has changed but the morning time when we are running late daddy has a hard time keeping his cool. Lets hope to see change this year or daddy is taking parenting classes……Well he just might have to do that anyways 🙂

(For the parents who feel concerned there is no abuse and hitting going on so please do not worry nor is there any kind of abuse whatsoever I would never allow that in my home)


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