Little Man Approved Apps

Little Man received his ipod touch for Xmas and he LOVES it! He has called it a phone and an ipad and in his eyes it is all of those things.

Now when all the adults sit with phones in hand on facebook or playing games he feels a part of the group. He also has something to talk about with people he has had more conversations with my family on xmas than I could ever remember and everyone else knows what to talk to him about as well. Sometimes they don’t even try because it is too much of an effort and at times I think they get their feelings hurt as well because he didn’t respond the way they wanted.

Little does he know how jealous Mommy is, I have to wait till May to upgrade to an iphone until then I am stuck with my brickberry. So the Little Man approved apps although not exactly educational they are fun and sometimes they need a break from all the educational things we throw at them.

#1Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing $.99 A great deal for a great game. Easy to play and works on hand and eye coordination tip the ipod right you go right, tip the ipod left you go left. Hold the ipod in that position too long and the car will do a complete turn around. Either its not extremely hard or my son is really good at the game because he has come in 1st place many of times so he doesn’t get discouraged.

#2 Angry Birds free for the lite version or $.99 for the paid one and they have an Angry Birds Rio edition! My son Loves this and it is one of the reasons he wanted an iphone in the 1st place but he does get frustrated with it so there are times he shuts it off because of difficulty. I like that it is fun and a lesson in physics in one!

#3 “The Monster at the End of this book” and “Another Monster at the End of This Book” They are kind of pricey I bought them when they were cheaper but the current price on itunes is $3.99 each book. These were the 1st digital books my son ever played with and thought they are below his age range He LOVED them! I loved that these books require interaction to work your child won’t just sit and stare the story like its a tv show they actually have to interact. My son and I LOVE cooky over reacting Grover and your child will too!

#4 Toca Robot Lab $.99 My Little Man Loves building different robots and after you build them you get to fly them around an obstacle and you use your pointing finger to direct the robot around the course and have fun bumping it into things.

#5Newton’s Balls: Kinetic Physics Newton’s Cradle Simulator $1.99 or Lite Version is free My son pulls this up when he is between games as a wind down he likes to change the balls they turn into coconuts and a few other things and you can swing them in sync or mess them all up and they will swing jumbled it’s fun and it’s another undercover Physics lesson.

2 other apps he plays but they aren’t his favs are Math Evolve and Rocket Math he likes them but he knows they challenge his brain and are for learning 🙂
So if you’ve wanted an ipad for your child, like I do, but just can’t afford it this is a good stand in till you can save the money to get one and I suggest purchasing a really good protective case and a screen cover.


One thought on “Little Man Approved Apps

  1. My son loves his Sonic All Star Racing for the Wii! I didn’t even know this was an app. Thanks for this because I will definitely get that one. I love that you did this because most of my bloggy friends have kids that are just about 1 year younger than my son and when they talk about apps – he’s already outgrown them. WIth your son just about 2 years older – this is perfect! I will be checking out your other suggestions. Happy New Year! 🙂

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