New Years Party Crashing…..on Twitter

So yesterday was a blast. Here goes. I spent my morning on Twitter and facebook. I then made Little Man and I breakfast did the dishes and watched Kung Fu Panda 2, So cute by the way. It was my husbands birthday but he had to work so I called him and wish him a happy birthday. Went on Twitter and Facebook again. Showed Little Man how to take pictures with his ipod so he doesn’t break or mess up his dad’s camera finished up on Twitter and Facebook. Deleted the video and 100 pictures that Little Man took of his new Transformers cartoon DVD, I kept 3 really good shots and posted them on his Facebook but the rest were wacky off center shots. Then I cleaned the kitchen and took down the tree and lights. Vacuumed the living room and organized. Made Gluten Free puppy chow. Then watched Little Man play his Lego Harry Potter game. Little Man called his Daddy and wished him happy birthday, he did so well talking on the phone. The only thing I reminded him to do was to say “I love you and goodbye”. He actually remembered to say “How are you?” without being reminded then did it again when he talked to his Grandpa later. I also joined the #DrunkAspieParty on Twitter since I wasn’t drunk and I’m not an Aspie I crashed the party I had fun Shooting everyone with silly string and Nerf shooters. When my Honey got home he brought Chinese food!!! MMMMM He brought me my favorite chicken Curry and we watched the Smurf movie, my first time seeing it all the way through. After the movie I sent Little Man to bed and watched the Dick Clark in Time Square Special for a little while. Then we watched the new icarly!! #IamanAdultandIloveiCarly We watched the new episode i Still Psycho all I have to say is GIBBAAYY!!! Then we watched the ball drop Happy New Year and I am back on Twitter and Blogging! Hope you all had a wonderful New Year I have a lot of ideas for 2012 lets hope I can get them going! Love ya!


2 thoughts on “New Years Party Crashing…..on Twitter

  1. Hi. Thank you for following my blog. I REALLY appreciate it. I’ll be keeping up with you and your shenanigens too 🙂 Here’s to all the best in 2012 for you, your hubby and your son. (And good luck with the foster/adoption)

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