Brain Overload!!!

Sometimes I get so many ideas in my head I get brain overload!! I wish the Pensieve from Harry Potter was real. Actually there are a lot of things from the Harry Potter books that I wish were real but currently this tool would help me the most.  I have researching and looking at resources that would benefit and help my son. As I research I create new ideas and them I am filling my head with the research and piling on more ideas and thoughts and everything just starts to get jumbled. I have found 2 things that I really want to try with him and one is a Junior First Lego League and another is a day camp where my son can ride a quad or a 50 with training wheels in a safe controlled environment. I really can’t wait for that camp! What I really wanted to find was a program that offered discount ipads for children with Autism, I didn’t find any. There are a few that give away free ipads and I signed up for one and didn’t hear back and the ones I saw today were for children who have limited to no speech. That would have benefited my son at 2 but now he can talk. Yes it seems I am putting a lot of stock behind one piece of equipment but he can learn so much from this one piece of equipment. I would really even be happy if it was just a laptop there are just so many programs out there for him that can help him if he had a laptop or ipad. He is so technology driven. So I will just keep searching and saving and hope that by the end of next year Little Man will have a laptop or ipad 🙂


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