Time Flies End, of the Year Randomness….

Wow I look back on this year and think “WOW we have come a long way!!!” We have a diagnosis and grades have been slowly improving and we have the right brand of meds and the right dosage. I feel a little grief for the year gone by and a little excitement for the year to come. This year Little Man will turn 8!!! If I were to set goals I would say a major goal would be for me to put Little Man into a Charter school where he goes to school 3 days a week and Home schools for 2 days. Although its a little far fetched due to my working schedule I just might put it down. I love my Little Man and I can’t imagine life without him 🙂 A goal that I want to set for myself for the New Year would be to start the process to foster adopt and STOP Procrastinating and Second Guessing!!! Really want to go back to college but I keep procrastinating and second guessing my decision. Enough about me back to Little Man we have a meeting near the end of January for his IEP and I hope it goes well they are going to tell us what else they discovered in his testings and we are going to set up a plan and goals. I just hope they continue to stay supportive of Little Man and are willing to help him. I am a little nervous they want to change him to a different teacher but I just might put my foot down on that one, it’s so late in the year and he has already built up so much trust with this teacher. I can’t believe that in 6 months my Little Man will be graduating to 3rd grade!!! Time Flies!! Can you tell I am a little scatterbrained tonight?!


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