Christmas Time! ipods, Cars 2, and Spiders Oh MY!!!!

Little Man did so well this Christmas.The night before Xmas we decorated our Ginger Bread houses and Little Man Decorated his own holding the frosting bag and everything.  On Christmas eve we went to an Aunts house and we brought the PSP for Little Man to play but about 20 min after arriving the battery died 😦 so I gave him my phone so he could find a game that he might like. The only game that was easy for him to play was Moo Math, it was boring to him but that was all I had. There were plenty of kids including a second cousin his age but he wasn’t about to approach them. So later I heard them say there was a movie on in the play room I told Little Man and that interested him a heck of a lot more than Moo Math.  He was able to go in there and come out making friends with his 2nd cousin his age and my cousin wants to get together so they can play again. Her son is a lot like Little Man but she had her son tested and he doesn’t have Aspergers. We then went to my parents house and had dinner and Little Man played Lego Indiana Jones on Grandpas Wii and Grandma let him open a present she gave him Cars 2 on DVD. At home we put on Xmas PJ’s,  set out milk ,cookies, and a carrot for the reindeer, and Little Man left his letter for Santa on the table. The next morning I was up by 8am and Little Man had to be woken up at 9:30!!! Usually he is up and running on Xmas by 7:30. He was so excited about his Santa present he got exactly what he asked for (Cars 2 Ship with track inside) and he got a lot of Star Wars toys from Daddy. I can’t wait to put together the K’nex Ferris Wheel with motor with him 🙂 But I think the ipod and Wii were the highlight of his Xmas. Later in the day we drove to my sisters house about an hour away and we hung out cooking dinner and eating snacks. Now that Little Man had his ipod he was able to hang out on the couch with the older folks and play with technology! After dinner Little Man had enough and disappeared to the other end of the house to the living room and played his ipod and my nephews playstation 3 until we opened gifts. Little Man passed out his home made puzzle gifts to everyone and they all loved them 🙂 But the biggest event of the family Xmas was the Remote Control Spider! Little Man opened it and saw the back of the package and loved it! I had him hold it up and went to take a picture and he went to turn the package around and when he saw actual toy and the legs wiggled he threw it and screamed!! I started to laugh so hard I thought I wasn’t going to be able to stop the look on his face was Classic!! So he still liked the idea of controlling the toy with the remote but he doesn’t want to be near it LOL! After presents he escaped again and the rest of the evening was talking and eating then we headed home where we had to tell Little Man he could play toys in the morning its bed time now. I hope all of you had a wonderful Xmas <3<3<3


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