Been there Done that.

I talked to another parent today. A year ago I was in this parents shoes but I had a little bit more knowledge and a supportive spouse with me going into than this parent. I have seen the struggle that this father is going through. He is playing a game of tug o war with the school district but he doesn’t have the knowledge that he needs to have and he sees ADHD in the wrong light. I didn’t see ADHD clearly until after my son had been diagnosed and medicated for a month. I didn’t want to give my child Drugs and the teachers just want to medicate him so he can sit down and shut up…….Yeah that was then this is now. Now I see the benefits of the medication as: My son can concentrate and hear what the teacher is saying.  My son can be more independent. My son isn’t doing any bad behaviors and getting in trouble because he has self control. This is what medication has given him. Yes the teacher benefits too but oh well. Medication is not bad it is good and this is what I was trying to explain to a parent. I told him  to educate himself and have something to bring into that meeting so he doesn’t feel like he is being bullied, so he can have the upper hand. It isn’t fun meeting with a bunch of specialists that have a lot of info and experience in this and all you have the knowledge about is your kid. Trust me that is that most important thing to know about! I am glad I did come to give my son meds I am a little sad I had to be pushed into doing it but would I have done it otherwise? No. Was it the best decision for my son? Yes. So I know this parent was feeling a lot like I was. The decision was out of my hands and I grieved that. But in the end I saw the good. So I tried to give this parent some hope and knowledge and I hope things turn out better for him in the end. He will hopefully see the benefits and realize his kids are able to function better with the meds. I know I did.


2 thoughts on “Been there Done that.

  1. not all children or adults that are ADHD react to meds the same. So to say that meds are the way to go would be false,sure it works for your child but everyone isn’t the same.I think you are doing a wonderful job,personally I don’t agree using any meds but rather using natural resources that have the same if not better affect,especially long-term.Stay strong and keep writing!!

  2. Yes it is definitely case by case basis. I know these kids and they will benefit whether it be meds or something else but the dad is currently doing nothing and the children need some help and California public schools give limited help due to budgets. I was just trying to help the dad and push him a little to research on his own but I know that is not really going to happen. I know with my child the diet did help but not enough to help him function in a classroom without meds. I am not a med pusher but doing nothing and acting like there is no problem puts the child at a disadvantage. The dad also had a very negative point of view when it came to meds and I was helping him see it in a positive light and I told him he will be able to tell if his child is not responding to the meds well. He thought the meds were suppose to sedate the child. He had a picture in his head of his child sitting at the desk mouth hung open with blank stare and drooling and I told him if that happens take him off the meds immediately! But I do see where I error in my writing thank you so much for reading my blog and for your words of encouragement.

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