Monster vs Angel

For the past few weeks I have just been running on empty and my little man has been driving me to distraction. It has taken every last bit of energy every evening to make dinner and help him try to get his home work done. I have just been drained and wanted to just let him play his psp and let the home work sit another night. He was totally acting like he never had meds every day and I know he had because I am the one that gave them to him. I was out of energy and was just ready to throw in the towel. Please understand I am a working Mom I work in a daycare full time 40 hours a week 9-6 and every night I go home and have to be a Mom (witch I would way rather do full time). So for the past couple of weeks my little man who had been working hard on his homework every night did a downward spiral and became my little monster saying “No I don’t want to I hate school” and me the tired mom that I am said please just 2 pages……. I encouraged and he refused sometimes I won but I really know most of the time he did.  I usually have the patience to deal with him but work has been a little stressful for the past 2 weeks I wasn’t sure if I could deal with it much longer. I wanted my little angel back that would work on his homework or at least try……. So I was at the grocery store when I saw vitamins were buy one get one free so I looked and they had 1000mg Flaxseed oil 200 count of pills per bottle so I bought 2, I realized when I saw them that this was probably the reason he has been acting out! (I was normally giving him omega pills but I ran out and they were the more expensive kind and I haven’t been back to Costco to pick up more). I gave little man one this morning with his meds and he complained about the pills being black I said “its ok you won’t taste it”. After he got back to my daycare center after school I talked to him and he said he had a purple day!!! He has never had a purple day so I was doing a mental happy dance!!! I was so excited! So we got home and I said “Ok do your homework” and I about fell over he said “I know”. What???!!!!!! My angel is back! He did 2 pages no crying or screaming or throwing of pencils and he did it with the PSP sitting next to him on the table!!! He had a question and I answered it and he went back to work. At one point he was distracted because he saw the sunday comics again and picked them up so I told him finish your work and I will give you a Garfield comic book again he replied calmly “OK”. So he finished it and said “Mommy remember the book?” So I let him choose one out of the 3 and of course he chose the “Pirate Kitty” one (that is what he calls Garfield’s Halloween Special “Pirate Kitty”) So I am thankful it was something that could be solved and I have my angel back. I don’t mind the monster every once in a while but man sometimes I just don’t have the energy. So good night all tomorrow I am excited I get the day off but too bad I am all stuffed up and congested or I might enjoy it more.


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