Homework Uhg!

I had more patience for homework when I was off work every night at 5pm but my boss changed my hours. Now I can’t seem to find a chance to sit down and makes sure he gets his work done and it seems like he has more work now than ever! We can do it on the weekends because it’s not due till Monday but I would rather not add that to our weekends.  I really need to come up with ideas to bring to the table concerning home work that will help him in all areas but work for him. I want him to work on his hand writing but I want to make some of his homework doable on the computer instead of all writing, since writing is monotonous for him. I think incorporating the computer into his learning will also make him more excited to do his homework. I know he is really bored with it as well. I told him do your homework and you can play PSP and he said no I don’t want the PSP…. Seriously???!!! This kid would play PSP 24/7 if I let him. We are having an IEP meeting in January…. Still so far away…… And I hope we will be able to come up with some good Ideas and goals for him. Can I just tell the teacher the Dog ate his homework…….


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