X Warning Disaster Area X

My sons room can be REALLY bad sometimes right now it’s ok it would be better if he would pick up his K’nex and Train tracks and not leave them on the floor. My favorite piece of furniture in his room that saved my sanity and made him a lot happier, because he was actually able to play in his room without looking like he belongs on an episode of hoarders, is this shelf from ikea called Expedit


This shelf  made his room go from disaster to liveable it doesn’t make him put everything away but it keeps everything mostly organized. I bought mine for $5o on craigslist but they normally go for $80 unless like me you find a desperate mover. Ikea also has bins to put in each cubby but they sell for about $10 a piece called the Lekman Box


I plan on purchasing them soon 🙂 This shelf = Sanity for me.


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