Toddler then Preschool

I am going to play catch up with this article to get us closer to the present. My little man stayed home with my mom and was a wonderful baby.  He talked on time he said “Mama” first around 6 or 7 months and around 8 or 9 months added “Dada” to his vocabulary. Up to this point he tried communicating through grunts and after he started talking he would still use grunts for words he didn’t know and when he couldn’t for sentences. I also noticed little man wouldn’t make eye contact when you tried to initiate it but when he wanted to communicate he would make eye contact. When he was playing or concentrating on something he would not turn around and look at you when you called his name and if you broke his concentration by picking him up he would throw himself around and start crying until you put him down and he would go back to what he was doing. His favorite things/toys were anything that would spin he especially loved gears/cogs. I bought him the peekablocks hippo walker and he liked some of the blocks but his favorite thing to do with it was spin the little spinner on the back of the seat. When I tried to show him how to hold the handle and walk her threw himself down and started to cry till I left him alone and he returned to spinning the spinner. He also loved when my brother would come home and he would be in his highchair my brother would get his guitar out and little man would just watch him play and listen. A few times I noticed little man slowly knock his head on a door or on his crib and feel how it felt to do that but he wouldn’t do it continually he usually stopped after doing it once or twice. He also learned how  to climb out of the crib around 15 months ugh that was a wonderful stage. He was really good at knowing when he was tired he would climb in and out of his playpen when ever he wanted a nap and when he woke up and pretty much did this on schedule. He also had to sleep with a pillow on his back and covered head to toe with the blanket. He really liked heavy blankets.  I noticed little man always held his hands funny when they were dirty till they were clean again he was fine with it being food but if it wasn’t food he would be uncomfortable till they were clean again. (notice his painted hand in the pic. I had to help him touch the paint he wouldn’t paint willingly without a paintbrush). Preschool was a bit of an adjustment with napping on a mat and potty training. He was 2 and didn’t speak in sentences he mainly played by himself or parallel played. Circle time was not something he liked to be apart of he prefered listening but playing with something outside the group while he listened. I also noticed he had sensitive hearing he didn’t like loud noises and would freak out when I would cut his hair with clippers and if he accidently set off a hand dryer in the bathroom at a store. He slowly added 2 word sentences before he hit 3 but he wasn’t always understood. Potty training was a little difficult he was mostly pee trained by 2 1/2 but #2 took a while I think by 3 1/2 he was trained for #2. In preschool he liked to dress up in the clothes didn’t really matter what gender they were and he loved puzzles. He hated shaving cream and glue and finger paint. He became tolerant of shaving cream after I did a bathtub exercise where I put it on the tub and let him play then he would wash it off when he needed to then he loved it! When he was 4-5 the director at my work wanted him evaluated and I refused and she tried to kick him out but he wasn’t causing problems so there were no grounds he was in speech and he was fine he was quirky but I wasn’t going to be pushed to do something I was no ready for. So he stayed and he did great. He made it through kindergarten although a little hyper he learned and was able to hang till the end. In 1st grad he was diagnosed with ADHD and there is where I will stop. Sorry this was a lot of story to put into one and now we can get to the present 🙂


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