Grief for the holidays…..

November 2004 we decided that we would go to Illinois a week before Thanksgiving so that we could spend time with my husbands parents and brother. My husbands mom had skin cancer and when we got there I realized how unwell she seemed. They were so happy to see little man again they hadn’t seen him since May and now he was 7months old. We had a great visit and it felt like Christmas the tree was up and family and friends came to visit. A day before it was time to leave Mom was admitted to the hospital for side pain. The next day we said teary goodbyes and left with heavy hearts and 2 days later Mom had surgery to remove her gallbladder. After the surgery Mom faded fast she was trying to hold on so she could be there for her Grandsons 1st birthday but the cancer that was once skin cancer was now spreading. Mom passed away on December 10th 2004. It was a difficult time. I still had baby blues and we had no money. Our church came together and got my husband tickets and they would have gotten one for me but I couldn’t miss that much work. So my husband went alone. This was the 1st death since I became an adult that I had to deal with and this was someone close to me. When little man was 4 we were looking at her picture and I asked him who she was and he called her his Grandma Angel, this of course made me cry. Such a sweet little man and his Grandma would be proud of him. Today is 7 years now Mom and we miss you still…


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