The 80’s

It is easier for my to write the peculiar things I did as a child and let you decide 🙂 Here goes. I was born 8 weeks early you can see in one of the pictures someone is holding a breathing tube to my face, my lungs weren’t fully formed and I needed oxygen.  Like I said before I never willingly let my Mom take my blanket to wash it. I was a thumb sucker and would cry and scream “Your drowning it!” when I found out it was in the wash. I had very sensitive feet I couldn’t stand the seam of the sock touching my toes! I would take the tip of the sock and fold it onto the top of my foot to resolve this problem and I would often want to redo this if a wrinkle formed in my shoe, my mom couldn’t wait for me to learn to tie my shoes. If she refused or wasn’t fast enough I would cry no matter where we were. I also like my shoes tied tightly I couldn’t stand a loose tie if it wasn’t done right I would undo the tie and pull the string tight and make whoever tied my shoe retie it. I had a very sensitive scalp or my mom had a heavy hand but I hated the brushes with the hard bristles it felt like my mom was ripping out my hair I would cry whenever she used that brush on me I loved the soft bristle brush it didn’t hurt. I also had to have my ponytails pulled tightly and once again if it wasn’t to my liking it would have to be redone. I am pretty sure this is why my mom would never let my hair grow past my shoulders. BANGS I hate them!! My Mom let mine grow out after I became anal about them being in my eyes she would have to cut them quite short or quite often. I am the youngest of 4 kids you can imagine the amount of patience my mom would have with such a picky and screaming child. She always tried to escape the house without bringing me to the store if I found out she was going and said I wasn’t a tantrum would ensue till I was allowed to go. If she swindled me and got out of the door before I noticed I would cry at the door for as long as I could hoping she would come back for me. I also wet the bed till I was 11, I was a very deep sleeper and my full bladder would never wake me up till it was too late. They did not have pull ups for older kids back then! I never had a lot of friends probably because of my weight but I wasn’t really good at keeping friends I was an introvert and making and keeping friends was really hard for me even still I have a hard time keeping close friends. So this is me I can’t think of more right now. Thank you.


2 thoughts on “The 80’s

  1. I loved reading this! Much of what you describe was just like me, especially the bits about your pony tail (must be tight!) socks (no seam on the toes!!!!!) and shoes (TIED TIGHTLY!!!) and my desperate obsessive need for my blanket. While I don’t carry the blanket around all the time anymore (I’m 22, and it does live on my bed), everything else still holds true. I’m enjoying your blog, by the way – thanks for writing 🙂

  2. I am so glad you enjoyed it! This was a fun one to write I still haven’t added everything because I think of new things that I have forgotten. I really enjoy my blog more than I ever thought possible it really is a wonderful outlet. Thank you for reading 🙂

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