Frustrating First Days

My son was born April 29th 2004 he weighed 7 lbs 10 oz and he was 3 days early. He was beautiful…..perfect…….I was in love the moment I saw him. However reality sets in when family and nurses leave for the night. The first thing I had a really good laugh when he peed on Daddy during the first change LOL! But my first struggle was breast-feeding. I got him to latch just fine but he took 2 sips and pulled away…again latch 2 sips pull away I went through this till I swaddled him and held him firmly to me and he drank till he fell asleep YAY ME!!! I slept till he cried in the morning and tried feeding again same thing latch sip pull away. I became frustrated fast and talked to the nurse and of course I have to see the lactation consultant…This lady just gave me different holds and none of them worked and she refused to listen to me. Or my lack of sleep kept me from standing my ground and speaking out…..No clue I was so tired and my mind was muddled. But I was determined to breast feed. Every time he cried I tried to feed him. This lasted 2 days until he had a fever and it was the hottest days I had ever felt that time of year. So we took him to the ER after long waits and some grueling tests and a struggle to add the i.v. we were sent by ambulance, at around 9pm to another hospital that had a NICU unit. That night no one offered to see if he had eaten and I was exhausted after only getting an hour here an hour there and he was exhausted from crying we both slept a very long time and woke up feeling a little better. I asked for a bottle and I tried my hand at pumping and that little piggy sucked down that bottle!! (at this point I would have tried breast-feeding but my milk had not come in fully and he would cry and shake his head every time I tried so I refused to frustrate this poor starving baby any longer) We stayed at the hospital for another day or 2 then we were both released happy and healthy although I had a heavy heart I had a healthy baby. I often times think is this the reason my little boy has a problem? Was it the malnourishment during his first few days? Was it the fever?! Well this kind of thinking would make me lose my mind so forget the what if’s. I have a wonderful little boy and I wouldn’t trade him. Oh and the reason my son couldn’t breastfeed is because he has a long Frenum or AKA tongue-tied.


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