I love Technology!

I have heard many good things about Biofeedback/Neurofeedback. I really have wanted to try it with my son. But my issue is I really don’t want to schedule yet another appointment to meet with another healthcare proffesional. So I started to google it and I first found a product by

The Journey to Wild Divine

and although the software interested me its costliness made it impossible for me to even think about at the moment. I became disheartened but I continued my search on Amazon and I finally came across a Starwars TOY yes I said TOY! Called the

Star Wars Science – Force Trainer

I read a really good review on this toy on Amazon and they mentioned a company name that help come up with the advanced technology for this TOY. (I call it a toy but it is in fact a legit training tool and can be very helpful in helping your child how to focus) I came across the company name in a review it was called Neurosky and I foundthe most affordable equipment and technology from a company who has already released countless units and was actually featured in the Forbes magazine. There are 3 different units and 2 of them are very affordable one is called the Mindwave and it comes with 10 games for the computer and a few of them are perfect for young minds with ADHD and the unit sells for $99.95 like I said it comes with 10 games. The other unit is called XWave and this unit can be attached to your ipod, ipad, or iphone and there are 3 apps available on itunes currently. (but none of them look like they would be entertaining to children I have currently written to the company to ask them to please release more child friendly apps so I can purchase this for my son) The XWave unit costs $89. Then there is the Mindset I do not know what makes it more special but it come with an app that I want my son to try called Neuroboy and the unit costs $199. If you do not know what Biofeedback is please google it as I really don’t feel that I understand it enough to explain it. I hear it is very helpful for people with ADHD and Autism and a load of other issues.  Check it out and please join with me and write to the Neurosky Company about the limited amount of apps available to the Xwave!


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