Not So Little Man

You all have been with me through some really rough times. I know I disappeared for a few because, we all know, Life happens. Well a lot has gone on, to say the least!  I’ve been busy and there have been a lot of changes and to tell you the truth Little Man handled them really well. October of 2014 brought on divorce in our family. We let Little Man chose where he wanted to live, dad was moving back to Illinois, I stayed in California. Little Man had a few months to decide. after a lot of deliberation he went with his dad. It was a struggle but I felt in my heart he would do well. He has been doing amazing! He has made friends in school and church and although he still calls California home he is doing amazing in Illinois. He is no longer in speech and he is caught up to grade level in reading, he’s in 7th grade!

With much deliberation I decided to return to school so I am currently in college for an A.A. in Speech Pathology Assist and I plan on getting a B.A. in Speech Pathology afterwards. I look forward to being able to help children and parents that are on their own journeys.

  • Seeing how far my own Little Man has come on his journey and getting to know the teenager he is becoming is so beautiful♡

Little Man Fishing

I took Little Man Fishing last Monday and we went with my sister, niece, and nephews. Little Man and my niece tend to clash because she has one end of the Sensory spectrum than he does. My niece does everything fast and loud but Little Man prefers quiet and in order. I thought fishing may not be a great idea but we tried it and it worked out well there was a playground near by for the younger ones and they were able to play while we fished. Little Man even helped keep an eye on the littles while he fished. He didn’t get overwhelmed and yell like he sometimes does. He even was trying to give pointers to his older cousin. Little Man caught 3 fish. His older cousin caught 3, and Lady caught 1. I caught nothing!  It was a nice mostly relaxing day and Little Man is getting so good at casting!


#youmightbeanautismparentif you become emotional about them maturing

When Doug ‘ s dad passed away we ended up with a 3rd phone line that we weren’t using. I suggested that we get Little Man an iPhone.  I really wasn’t thinking that he would be using it for calls really but I wanted him to be able to play his games on it. Yesterday I called him because my mom didn’t answer well Little Man didn’t answer either so I hung up. A little while later I got a call from him. I said hi and asked him what he was doing and he kept up with the conversation and he barely shied away from the phone like he normally does when he is nervous. They were at a restaurant and he started telling me what he could order and told me what he was choosing. I am amazed and so emotional that my child is maturing and being more responsible. He still acts like a 7 yr old at times but more and more he is showing me that he is almost 10!  I stand back and look at my Little Man and he is truly growing into his nickname.

Little Man is getting a Kindle Fire!

I just put my pre-order in last night for a Kindle Fire for Little Man! They dropped in price and it will be the gen 3. I cannot wait to get it! He won’t get it till Xmas! Reasons I went with Kindle instead of my favored ipad? Well I was going to scrape together the $300 for the iPad mini but watching the Kindle commercials I realized the Kindle Fire had an option that would be so useful for me! I love that you can create a profile Ann’s put time limits on how long your child plays games and reads!!! I love it! And I am planning on investing in the Amazon Prime as well so I can read books for free and watch movies it’s such a great deal! So much better than wasting money on Netflix! So I will be reviewing the Gen 3 Kindle Fire for you at a later date! 

#youmightbeanautismparentif You Light it up Blue Year Round!!!!

This year has been the best year by far with Little Man! He is growing by leaps and bounds in Maturity and he will be turning 9 at the end of the month! I started him on the Paleo diet this year I haven’t started being extremely strict yet, I am easing him into this new way of life and I think it is helping him. He even drinks green smoothies he hates them yet he drinks them. I have introduced so many new veggies into his diet this year he doesn’t like them all but I can get him to eat most anything with ketchup!!!! Lol! I just need to figure out how to make ketchup at home and we’ll be set! He still whines a little and tattles but he is doing so much better in other areas!

Update on Little Man!!! #autism

Sorry I’ve been MIA from my blog! I have been soooo busy! Homeschooling, working, full time mom, and losing weight! So here is my quick update Little Man has been making progress for sure! He met 2 of his IEP goals yay! And he has finally been getting himself dressed! I still have to do it if he over sleeps but if he wakes up early enough he will dress himself! So it is past my bedtime so this is just going to be a short note love you all and I hope to write more soon!

Little Man’s App Review: Appy Christmas

I recently downloaded some amazing Christmas Apps for Little Man. His favorite among them was Appy Christmas you get to smack Santa or a Reindeer I really don’t know why the main part of the app is abusing Santa but the most amusing part of the app is the voice recording and Santa mimics what you say but in a high pitched elvish voice, his mouth moves as well! When Santa puts his hand to his ear that means he is recording and if you give the ipod a shake it will play back what you said or Sang!!!! The higher pitched voice you use the better!! It is hysterical!!! Many laughs for sure!!!!